Custom Inlays
Design components such as wood, stone and metallic inlays can be incorporated into ARDEX Designer Floors™ by first adhering the desired components to the substrate and then masking the areas that are to remain exposed. SD-T is then poured to the desired level of the inlay.

Apply Topical Coloring
The ARDEX Designer Floor system allows for topical color agents to be applied to the surface of the ARDEX SD-T once it is firm enough to walk on (2-3 hours under standard ambient conditions). An ARDEX SD-T surface becomes your “canvas” to create unique designs and environments. Reactive stains, paints and dyes may be used as topical colors.

Apply Integral Coloring
Integral coloring of ARDEX SD-T can be achieved by mixing iron oxide powdered pigments or liquid colloidal dyes directly with the ARDEX powder prior to pouring and placement. Standard color palettes are available from which you can choose. In addition, custom colors can be created based on your design specifications.

“Saw-Cutting” Technique
The unlimited range of color, mottle, and patina achieved with a color agent can be further complimented with a variety of surface treatments. One of the most popular of these treatments is “saw-cutting”. This technique is used to create unique patterns and delineate various topical colors.

Sandblasting Over Stencils
This surface treatment is often employed to create a relief pattern for borders or logo work. This unique “chain” design is a repeatable stencil that could be used to border a large flooring area.

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