Crossville Porcelain Stone

Located in Crossville, Tennessee at the foothills of the Cumberland Plateau, Crossville started manufacturing porcelain stone at its newly-constructed plant in August 1986. Today, Crossville is still the largest domestic manufacturer of porcelain stone, as well as the first U.S. tile plant designed to manufacture large-unit porcelain tiles. Planned and equipped to be state-of-the-art turnkey facilities, the Crossville plants manufacture tiles ranging in size from 3″x3″ to 18″x18″.

Beautiful, versatile, durable Crossville porcelain stone started a design revolution in the American tile industry that continues today. Before Crossville, only a limited selection of porcelain stone tile was available. Thanks to Crossville, specifiers and homeowners alike can now choose from a vast selection of higher-quality products that are available across the United States.

Because there’s always something new happening, Crossville developed as the place where you can learn about new products, company news or locate your nearest distributor or dealer. Please feel free to visit us anytime!

Whether you’re a commercial designer looking for heavy-duty performance and knockout style ­ or a homeowner seeking just the right complement to your personal sense of design ­ Crossville won’t let you down. Our product line is constantly being refined to keep pace with the latest in technology and our color palette reflects current trends in interior surfacing materials. That’s Crossville’s way of making sure you never have to compromise aesthetics for performance ­ or vice versa.

You are cordially invited to explore the world of Crossville products ­ from the most classic, traditional styles to the unique looks of Questech® Metals, a line of tiles made with premium real metals such as bronze, copper, brass and nickel silver.

With its Mission Statement clearly in mind, Crossville earns its reputation every day as an investment in lasting beauty and value for both residential and commercial applications.

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