Tactesse® Fiber

What is Tactesse®?

It may be just what you’ve been looking for. Tactesse® is the new DuPont fiber that brings a revolutionary combination of beauty, elegance and durability to DuPont STAINMASTER carpets.

Tactesse® is available in three distinct luster levels:

Tactesse® Vibrant Luster: A new, brighter luster for elegant decors.
Tactesse® Classic: The original Tactesse.® A mid-luster for high fashion designs.
Tactesse® Natural Luster: A new subdued luster for sophisticated interiors.
All three lusters provide the same incredible durability that has made Tactesse® the industry’s greatest innovation.

Why does Tactesse® Feel So Good?

The unique touch of Tactesse® fiber is achieved by using finer filaments, which yeilds a lower denier per filament (dpf). Normally, the dpf of residential carpet fibers ranges from 17 to 21. The filaments of Tactesse® fiber are approximately 12 dpf, providing the optimum balance between floor performance and general aesthetics.

Why does Tactesse® Look So Good?

The beauty of STAINMASTER carpet containing Tactesse® fiber is due to both the unique cross-section of the fiber and delustering additives within the nylon polymer itself.

In the past, only natural fibers such as cotton, wool or silk could offer such a combination of elegance and beauty – but with the traditional problems of cost, pilling, matting and crushing. Now INVISTA we has achieved the desirable characteristics of natural fibers in a nylon carpet fiber.

Why does Tactesse® Perform So Well?

Carpets made from Tactesse® fiber stand up against traffic and wear because the individual fiber cross-section has been altered to obtain a tighter, more densely packed fiber bundle with fewer air pockets. This increases resistance to matting and crushing. In addition, cut pile carpets with this unique fiber cross-section have sharp, pin-point tufts and a crisp, clean-looking pile surface.

Carpets made with Tactesse® fiber also contain all of the benefits of STAINMASTER carpet with the Advanced Teflon® Repel System: Type 6,6 nylon durability for crush resistance, INVISTA warranties against staining and soiling, and permanent static protection.

Tactesse® nylon fiber provides carpets with beauty, elegance, durability and an incredibly soft touch. Isn’t that just what you’ve been looking for?

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