You Can’t Save Money Buying Inexpensive Carpet

Trying to save money by purchasing inexpensive carpet is one of the first mistakes most homeowners make when selecting carpet for their homes. Although the lower price of cheap or discount carpet may be attractive, it really is not a good investment.

Cheap or discount carpet is usually made from less durable carpet fiber in the pile such as olefin, which happens to have a very low wear resistance. More over, bentonite, a type of clay filler, is used in the latex backing. Thus, in only a few short months, unsightly high traffic areas will become visible, leaving permanent and irreversible damage.

Homeowners should look for mid to upper price range carpets with nylon fiber and stout latex backing. These will render the best wear resistance, and will remain attractive even after 20 or 30 years.

Another costly mistake is trying to save money by buying inexpensive pad. Many homeowners make this mistake because they are trying to save money on their carpet installation. However, an inexpensive carpet pad under the carpet will only break down, causing the carpet to become prematurely worn and damaged. This method proves to be more costly than its savings, especially if the pad is underneath top price carpet. It is always better to purchase good quality carpet pad.

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