Best Flooring Choice For Pet Owners

For many people pets are just as much a part of the family as their own children. A common problem for people looking for a new house, remodel, or just putting new flooring in, is what floors are good for pets? Carpet can wear quickly and odors can linger no matter how hard you try, hardwood flooring can scratch and stain with moisture. So here’s a quick run through of available floors for your furry friends!

Hardwood flooring- The most desired choice for flooring in a home, but not the best for homes with pets. Pet urine can stain even if cleaned up quickly and claws and nails can scratch up floor. If the flooring is covered in high quality sealer it will be more scratch and stain resistant. Sweep regularly for best maintenance.

Laminate Flooring- Due the hardness of laminate, pet owners may turn to it instead of traditional hardwood. Although the laminate may provide the décor, it can be difficult for pets. Pets running through the house may slip and slide on the slick flooring and cause damage to their bodies. If you choose laminate flooring, then possibly go with an embossed or textured finish.

Bamboo Flooring- Bamboo is a great choice for homes with pets. It’s harder than the hardest hardwoods and won’t wear out. Also, completely renewable, so it’s a good choice for those people trying to be green. Stain resistant, and due to its hardness, it will actually save money in the long run with not having to repair it.

Cork- A natural product that can reduce the growth of mold and other allergens, cork is also scratch resistant. It does need to be swept regularly to prevent dirt particles from scratching. While the floor is resistant, it is a natural product, so spills should be cleaned up promptly. Discoloration can happen with prolonged exposure to sunlight.

Stone tile and tiling- Stone tiling does not scratch easily and is very durable. It won’t stain or maintain odor. Although, it can be pricy, cold, and less comfortable for pets to lie on than other flooring choices. However, you can solve this with a rug or pet beds. Tile is similar to stone. Install porcelain or ceramic; they don’t scratch easily or show much wear.

Vinyl- The newer luxury vinyl is a great choice for pets. It is scratch and stain resistant, low in allergens, easy to clean, and is quiet to walk on.

Carpet- Probably the worst choice for a house with pets. It wears quickly, odors can linger and stains are hard to remove. However, it is the best budgeted type flooring on the upside. If carpet is a must, then choose a carpet with no loops to keep pets nails from tearing it up.

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